Amazing, brave, optimistic people – Ellie

Recently we have done our voice overs to help build on their life experiences.

One of the main issues we discussed was mental health and how school, life and other factors can contribute to how our mental health effects our everyday life.

One of the issues we talked about was to be sensitive about the things we say to avoid hurting or upsetting anyone. We had to find ways to prevent that such as creating a fictional character.

During the project I have been inspired by others simply because of their courage and consistency of wanting to make others aware of how care is, compare to how it is portrayed.

I’m enjoying the project because I get to spend time with amazing, brave, optimistic people who understand me and understand the way that I think, because they think similarly.

I can’t wait to share the end product to show that children in care aren’t all naughty. We do have goals in life.