Creating a timeline

Using ‘Sam’ the 19 year old care-leaver character they had created, the team started to compose a life story timeline highlighting key moments in ‘Sams’ journey from care to independence. The character and her story are fictional but based on real experiences to create a real to life production that highlights the insights of the group.

‘Sams’ relationship with her parents is complicated due to her parents separating. She sees her birth father but doesn’t see her birth mum. ‘Sams’ mum had alcohol issues which led to mental health deterioration and subsequently impacted on ‘Sam’ through neglect making ‘Sam’ feel emotional detatchment. ‘Sam’ as PTSD as a consequence of her experiences growing up. ‘Sams’ dad went to jail but she had been writing to him and maintaining her relationship with him.

‘Sam’ has attachment issues and missed large parts of her education because of low self esteem and mental ill health. She couldn’t sit all of her exams but wants to excel at college. Sam had a lot of placement breakdowns before getting the right placement where she felt settled and understood. She build a positive relationship with her carers.

 Sam has supervised contact with her Dad when he was released from prison. Aged 16 Sam got a pathway worker who helps her talk about goals and her future life. Home options are discussed and Sam decides she wants to move into a flat and learn to manage money and independence. She wants the skills to pay the bills. Sam had low expectations for herself because of her experiences but with support and understanding she is starting to aspire to more. Sam is also thinking about doing an apprenticeship as she does not feel prepared for the stress of university life. Sometimes ‘Sam’ can be surrounded by people but feel lonely inside. She lives with depression and can have good days and bad days. She is looking to get some counselling but there is a bit of a waiting list. She can sometimes isolate herself so she feels proud and optimistic about getting some help with it all. She is aware that other young people could try and take advantage of the fact she has a flat and knows that could lead to trouble. She feels in control and avoids letting those people into her house.

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