Hi I’m Ellie, I am honest and blunt! I have an honest opinion so I find it hard not to speak out my opinion.

My life motto is “it is okay to live a life others don’t understand, you never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice. Love and forgiveness is easy to accept, but forgiving is the hardest part.

I like looking after my niece and staying over at my sisters. I like playing music and writing poetry. I am enjoying doing GCSE’s in English, food prep and nutrition.

I am involved in the project because I think its important to share our experiences and to get people to understand what it is like being in care and how it effects you in the long-run.

Not everyone’s experience is the same. My upbringing has had its moments but overall it’s been a good thing, I’m proud to be in care! The voices of children and people who have experienced care can help and change things for others.