Filming “The One Percent” Day 1

The One Percent project explores the care journey from care to independence through the eyes and perspective of care experienced young people on different parts of that journey. The project is a co production driven by young people in partnership with Inspired YouthYork Mediale and Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Together the group have written and recorded a spoken word poem in masterclasses with Kritikal Powers. The poem is based on the journey of a young care leaver telling their story from care to independence. The words of the poem form the narrative telling the story of a character the group created called Sam. Now the team behind the poem would set about visualising the characters journey through a film production that will bring the words to life.

Day 1 of filming starred Ellie who plays a younger ‘Sam’ in the early part of the characters journey. Ellie acted in several scenes starting with meeting a social worker who is there to support her around issues she is facing at home.

Ellie played a frustrated and hurting ‘Sam’ in her scene with the social worker. Ellie was excellent playing the character in her scenes and worked well along side Niamh who plays the part of Sam’s social worker.

The scenes were all shot without sound and will form the visuals to the poem written by the team. Ellie was very focused and performed her parts of Sams story extremely well.

The One Percent will be showcased as part of York Mediale on 2nd October 2018, check the festival website for updates on the launch.