Preparing Poetry

The One Percent team came together again to begin planning the content for their spoken word piece.

The session started with a presentation delivered by Gemma Holsgrove, Creative Producer of York Mediale. Gemma explained to the group what York Mediale is, which other artists will be featured and where The One Percent project fits in alongside the rest of the showcases throughout the new international digital art festival.

The team then began to stack words to be used for their poetry. To create a story driven narrative for the spoken word the group used the character Sam they had created and their timeline to develop a beginning, middle and end for the piece.

Using each section of the story the group worked together to stack bars that would help to describe Sam’s journey and rhymed with as many relevant words as possible to prepare them for writing their poem.


The beginning part of the narrative features the characters back story, including relationships with parents, attachment issues, low expectations, isolation and depression.


The character struggles at school and has mental health difficulties due to her home life before care and placement breakdowns once in care. She struggles with relationships but finally meets a carer in a placement which is really positive and where she feels understood. She missed lots of her education but she still managed to focus enough to sit some of her exams in the hope of going to college in the future.


The final part of the story highlights aspirations, goals and how the transition from care to independence could impact on her life. She has been supported in moving into her own flat and feels positive about the next chapter of her life.