Shelly’s Blog

The poem is about Sam’s journey from going into care and how that affected her to her aspirations for leaving care. How her upbringing impacted her education but also despite her difficult start in life she uses that to drive her forwards positively.

The key messages are despite having very bad experiences you can go one of many ways, you can chose your own path. You can chose to let it consume you or you can grow from it.

Sam in the poem choses to grow from it and become a positive example, it gives you the message you can chose your own future.

I am very excited because its leading into a very good project we have got a lot of good ideas. We are very excited about the kind of potential scenes we can create, trying to be innovative and different with it rather than generic.

I think the project will emotionally show audiences the journey some people take and it will impact people by giving them the strength to chose their own path.

It’s exciting because it will be part of Mediale which is a high profile International showcase. It means we can also draw publicity to our project and highlight issues important to us, but also to shine a positive light by showing what care experienced young people can achieve. Positive media about care experienced young people creates a balance and its a great way to show care leavers are just as important.