Writing Poetry

The One Percent team joined forces again to write their spoken word piece with Hiphop and Grime artist Kritikal Powers.

Using the words they had stacked in the previous session, the group were asked to write 16 bars per section of the characters journey. The writing takes you through a narrative that explores the transition into care while culminating in leaving care with hope, optimism and aspirations.

The group worked closely with Kritikal as they wrote and developed the poetry live. The team worked together creating bars and shaping them as they went.

The poem will now be recorded and the team will meet again to create ideas for visualising the words with film production.

The final piece is really powerful. We will not reveal all the words until it is shared with the film but here is a small highlight;

“Home life became disruptive,

Things got bad and erupted,

I need to talk to discuss this,

My emotions need deconstructing”

Keep watching the blog to see the project unfold.